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As a physician, it is not easy to trust one's body to the hands of others. Vickie's ability to improve my flexibility and more importantly, decrease pain, even after one session is amazing. She has the ability to identify problem areas and improve the flow of energy throughout the body. She receives my highest recommendation! She is truly gifted with the art of therapuetic massage. 
Dr. Lisa Jerrells
Bloomington, Indiana 2010

Vickie is a highly skilled massage therapist and gifted energy practitioner. I believe--but cannot prove--that the energy work I did with Vickie and other practitioners in complement with western medicine enabled me to reach a state of no evidence of disease that my doctor did not think was possible with stage IV lung cancer. What I know for certain is that lying on Vickie's table I was able to reach a state free of pain and anxiety and full of bliss. For a cancer patient, that is gift enough.
D. Lindsay
Seattle WA. 2010

Who Do You Trust
I have been recieving various methods of the art of massage for over 40 years. It began with the Vietnamese back in the spring of 1969. I have had the great pleasure of experiencing many different humans touch and therapeutic tissue manipulation practices in those years.
Anyone who had the opportunity knows that although the methodology is as wide as an ocean, the humans are the real separator when the topic is massage. We are all in tune with different rubbing and kneading that our body and mind find the most pleasing to us. I know folks who prefer a light touch while others desire a deeper more firm tissue manipulation to feel relaxed and revive our body's center again. It is through the mastery of the art that the very few masseurs or masseuses will also open your natural body and mind flows back into alignment. It is the energy revitalized that gives us our goal of peaceful coexistence balance we need to attain the maximum benefit of a great massage. The body and mind crave the balance that few can give you through a massage. It is trust that unlocks the door to the deepest areas of the mind and body. Only with an abundance of trust is the ability to be brought to the point of really letting loose of the conscious here can the window of the subconscious be reached. This type of experience is where I most always want to go. It has been a long journey to finding someone with whom I could relate my gateway to that understands my needs of massage. Vickie McCadden Bledsoe is that person for me!
Vickie has been my masseuse for over 5 years as I write this today. She is a person who understands the many needs of other humans in a real body mind connection. It is her mind that allows her her to see and feel more deeply into other humans. Everyone is different in their desired result of a massage. There are those folks who want to communicate with the practitioner as part of their comfort level. There are others like me who want to escape this realm for awhile through silence and maximum trust to enable us to be freed completely. Vickie and I will talk about any stuff for as long as we want to before the massage begins. When she is ready to start the massage per my preference we become silent. I close my eyes at this point and they will remain that way for pretty much the rest of the massage. In this way letting go entirely of the here and now due to Vickie knowing my habits and understands that complete trust is vital to us both. I travel to wondrous places through my mind as I leave my body to Vickie. Without the total trust I could not venture to somewhere else in space and time so securely. It took a long time to have Vickie understand my stance of silence in this regard. ONE TIME! I explained my hopes and priorities once before she began my intitial 1 1/2 hour massage. I recommend and believe in an hour and a half massage! She has an innate ability to understand others needs even sometimes as they have no idea themselves. I believe Vickie posseses attributes uniquely special to find in humans in general and masseuses in particular. It is one of the reasons I commend and recommend her to others. Try using Vickie to experience one of the most pleasant and renewing massages you will find anywhere. Share with her your visions of the massage and she can help them become real. A treat to experience! It is through open honest communication that new heights of awareness become understood to allow both to be in a synergistic flow. I urge you to give Vickie McCadden Bledsoe an opportunity to serve you. You will be balanced and thrilled as well! Tell her Tom said HI!
T. Fife
Bloomington, Indiana 2010

Dear Vickie-
I wanted to thank-you for the wonderful experience of massage therapy...I had been under a lot of stress for several months...after my massage I felt balanced! It felt as if everything was aligned properly and the energy was flowing....Thanks

M. West L.P.N.  Bloomington, In..

" I have been coming to see Vickie for a couple of months or more and she has really helped me out. I feel more balanced and more relaxed. She knows her job very well and she is always kind and friendly. I will refer her to anyone looking for a massage therapist. I have much confidence in her and in her abilities."
Bloomington, In. 2008

"Vic, I wish we would have had more time together. In case you haven't realized it, you're one of a kind. I knew from talking to you that you were doing Energy Work, but didn't realize to what extent you had delved into and mastered or focused it until you worked on me. You have truly a God given gift!"
Dr. Michael D. Szarmach
Chiropractic Physician/Naprapath
Crete, Il.
September 27th, 2003

"Vickie is more consciously aware of her work and takes time to feel the energetic flow. She is aware that she is working on both the physical and electric body, and takes the time to align the two. She has the patience to allow the energies to flow in the way they need, stopping, starting, etc., this patient ability allows her to unclog a myriad of hidden blockages especially between the axis and c-7. She's wonderful !"
K.Bailey, C.M.T.

"Vickie's work can heal deep emotional issues and is very comforting"
P.Reitemier, Phd.

"Who needs a Chiropractor when you've got Vickie as a Massage Therapists?
I know I can go to Vickie to get rebalanced AND relaxed. Wonderful!".
Lisa Spencer L.M.T
Body Balance Therapuetic Massage and Nutritionals

I wanted to write a little about my experiences with Energy work and Vickie.
I have had cancer(Ewings Sarcoma)for 2 years now, and have been undergoing more or less constant treatment using conventional treatments for my disease. A while ago, a friend met Vickie and got me a gift certificate to see her. I went in without having ever heard of energy healing. 
When I met and talked with her, I had no idea what to expect. It was really incredible, and I now regularly return for visits. I am able to feel things going on within my body at the site of the tumor. Sometimes it is fairly non-specific good feelings, but at times I can actually feel the tumor getting smaller. I firmly believe that these treatments are helping to reduce the size of my tumor, and believe that these treatments in conjunction with conventional Western medicine, and a healthy lifestyle will lead to control of and a cure for my disease. The evidence I have seen so far is that my white blood cells (your immune system--which is devasted by chemotherapy)
have increased dramatically within days of receiving a treatment from Vickie, and scans recently confirmed that my tumors have shrunk considerably, which I credit to the combination of energy work , a healthy diet and chemotherapy. There has also been the benefit, which I at least partly attribute to the Energy work, is that I have been able to handle chemotherapy better and longer than doctors originally thought possible. 
All chemotherapies are hazardous to your health, and mine maybe especially due to experimental high doses --however, my body has handled the treatments better than most of my co-patients, many of whom have had to drop out of chemotherapy, or stay in the hospital constantly, allowing me
to spend more time at home and receive more treatments than the studies generally permit,increasing my odds of survival. I would highly recommend to people with cancer that they pursue treatment at Alchemie Institute for Noetic Science along with conventional treatments.
Good Luck, 
Brian Youngs

"Vickie has been my friend for over two years, she has taken away the pain that used to be under my left shoulder blade. The only way I can describe the pain before was like someone took a hot poker and stabbed me in my lower part of my left shoulder blade. The pain would be there all day, I couldn't get comfortable. Vickie worked on my shoulder about four times, the pain is gone and has never returned. I see Vickie twice a month, she relaxes me and I feel so much happier, no more pain, no more problems sleeping at night, when Vickie lifted the pain, she gave me back my freedom.
R. Todd
August 26 2004

"Vickie is the lady with the magic hands!".
J Yang
Bloomington, In.

"Vickies hands feel kind and warm when she works on me. relaxing!"
J. Richardson
Lebanon, In. 2007

"Vickie, thanks so much for working on me..after three chiropractors, and no luck getting rid of my got rid of them for me in one visit! You are great."
M. Hunter
Bloomington, In. July 24, 2003

" I took three segments of Energetic ReConciliation training with Vickie . The hands on experience was very helpful and Vickie was very encouraging and supportive during the training. She was always available for questions and at the same time allowed me the opportunity to use my own skills as I grew in confidence and understanding of energy healing techniques. Vickie has a contagious enthusiasm for her work and has much to offer as a teacher"
L. Thompson, Feldenkrais Practitioner
Bloomington, In. March 31, 2003

"I was in a bad car wreck last year and suffered injuries to my lower back. I had pain that made jobs hard to do. Vickie worked on my back and I have been pain free since."
R. Worthington
Clarksville, In. June 25, 2004

"My name is Danielle and I am 11 years old. I would like to tell you about a great
energy massager named Vickie Bledsoe. This lady has helped me a lot. She has helped me with my neck so very much that there is no words to describe her, she is wonderful. Vickie is an Energy massager and I know that many people do not know what that is because I didn't either. She uses her hands in an unique way. She is tryng to release all your knots in your back, neck, tailbone, and basically anything. Sometimes Vickie uses hot stones which feel great and everyone should know about this. She has lavender bath salts and lavender oil. This is very relaxing. All I would like to say is if I didn't have a friend like Alli, i would never have met Vickie.
Danielle C., Bloomington,In.

"First of all THANK YOU!". Its Keith, your 2pm appointment from Sunday. I wish I had felt as good driving to ride as I did driving home. I have no idea why I signed up for a massage, have never done it before, hundreds of rides,races, but I have learned that God and energy work in ways that can't always be explained...I feel touched by your openness and my day and weeks to come some how will be brighter, just because of our small contact. It is great to meet someone with a positive inner strength, I am working at it, wish I was at your level."
Keith M., Hilly Hundred
October 19, 2003

"Today I was fortuned with the opportunity to recieve a healing massage from Vickie. I have recieved massages from many reputable spas in the Chicagoland area and they all are pale in comparison to the healing touch that I recieved today. I have been to the high glamour spas and the all natural spas and none have accomplished what one session with Vickie attained. I am usually in immediate pain after a massage, feeling some relaxation and exhaustion.
 This was however, not the case . As I was being manipulated on the table, I felt as if I had stiff flower buds in my body, that when Vickie did her thing, bloomed into comfortable relaxing beauty. I felt as if my imprisoned blood was being set free to flow, healing the aches and pains that I had grown so accustomed to. Each transition on the table released stress, worry, and tension with a feeling of built up pressure being subtly released. One particular area of discomfort persisted and she began working on the other side. I thought that perhaps it was a lost cause but when she relaxed the opposite side of the pain, the pain diminished. If there are any doubting thomas' after reading assured I was with you at the beginning of my session and am now relaxed, much more limber and invigorated. Vickie truly has a healing touch...just try will astound you."
S. Medina
Crete, Il. June 22, 2003

"I've been coming to Vickie for her unique massage therapy for almost eight months, approximately once a week.
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over ten years ago, and had a great amount of muscle tenderness and aching. I couldn't tolerate any pressure against arms or legs...just the weight of a cat's paw while climbing into my lap was painful,
or someone taking my upper arm with their hand felt as though I'd been struck by a hammer. The aching, although not constant, was at times all-consuming. I couldn't think of anything else during the periods of what I call my ach-y break-ys. Medicine prescribed for muscle relaxation was useless. Chiropractic
treatment helped only temporarily - often the pain returned the day after a treatment. It seemed futile to have relief for just a few hours. I felt like it was better to just live with it.
But, my mother saw Vickie featured on "Across Indiana" and knew there was something special about her. At Mom's suggestion, I watched the rebroadcast of that edition. When she hugged a client after his session with her, I decided to give it a chance.
Although skeptical, we began. I felt wonderful after our first session. But I "knew" the effects would be temporary. Was I wrong! the benefits are far more lasting, and I feel they are cumulative.
Now the pain and aches are temporary and short lived, instead of the relief-period. I have the occasional tenderness to touch, but all these are much less frequent.
Recently, a friend of my husband , who we hadn't seen in about 6 months stopped by. When he asked how I'm feeling, I said "better, I'm good,"  He replied "I can tell."  Later he told us that one of his son's had been in a severe
traffic accident earlier this year and may face hip-replacement surgery ( in his thirties) due to his injury. I went to get a pen and paper, wrote down Vickie's
name and number and handed it to him. "Please give this to your son and have him make an appointment" I told him. "She is the reason I'm feeling so much better."
And knowing  how Vickie has helped my mother after her broken leg, along with my own experience, I added "She can almost work miracles". But I thought to myself...actually, she can.
In love and gratitude,
Jane Graham, Lebanon, In. 2006

"Vickie is a close friend, teacher, and fellow healer. Upon meeting Vickie, over one year ago, I realized her distinct instinctual fire. One I find she used to enhance her own life and all those surrounding. Energetic barely describes Vickie because her sincere intensity lies in the will she exerts to simply get things done! This intensity is one of an eternal flame.
In my eyes, compassionate ambition found the Center for Noetic Science. Vickie is a teacher that will be present at all times, 4 a.m. for instance, thru the telephone, in person and always in your heart.
Level lll Reiki Master
Bloomington, In. 2004

"When I'm finished, I could take a nap!"
B. Richardson, Lebanon, In.

"I have known Vickie for about 6 months. A mutual friend introduced her to me last August as someone who was doing some interesting work with energy healing. When I saw Vickies brochure, I was especially interested in the mention of energetic osteopathy.  My wife and I had both been seeing an osteopath for curvature of the spine, some foot problems, and an old hand injury that wasn't healing properly, but we didn't feel satisfied with the results. We both decided to try Ms. Bledsoe and had a few sessions with her. We quickly made more progress than with an osteopath. After that, we sent two of our children to her as well as one of my students from IU, all with good results. I saw her again last week, as I needed a boost for my immune system after a bout of the flu. Her energy work did restore me to full strength immediately.
In a short time, she has created a welcoming atmosphere and gone a long way toward realizing her dream. Bloomington will benefit greatly from such a center. I salute her."
D. Lasocki, Ph.D., Bloomington, In. February 23, 2003

"I have been friends with Vickie since 1998, meeting her first when we were neighbors. Over the years I have come to appreciate and often rely on Vickie's resourcefulness and spirit.
Throughout our friendship, Vickie has done massage and energy work on me, and since approximately one year ago, I have trained with her to learn energy
healing. Vickie has brought me through the first part of "Grid Reflex Therapy" course thus far, and I look forward to learning further with her.
Vickie's approach to teaching is positive, focused and individual. Vickie quickly assessed both my needs and strengths and then worked with me to develop a method of energy work that allows me to grow and explore my particular assets and avenues while maintaining adherence to the fundamental principles of healing.
I have had the pleasure of watching Vickie over the course of time as she has grown, matured in her work, and both broadened and deepened her vocation and skills. Vickie is ceaselessly ready and willing to learn, to teach, and most of all to connect."
J. McKenna, Bloomington

"In September 1997, I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. I had just given birth to my fourth child six weeks earlier. The doctor recommended a complete hysterectomy and oopherectomy followed by six rounds of chemotherapy. During my medical treatment, I was introduced to alternative practices such as herbs,vitamins, juicing, accupuncture, enemas, colonics and others. I began to partake of several of these practices while doing my chemotherapy. At the end of my medical treatment my cancer was declared in remission.
Over the ensuing five years, my CA-125 blood test numbers have vacillated greatly and on two other occassions when it seemed the cancer had returned, I briefly took chemotherapy again. Each time it appeared to be the wrong approach and was shortlived. Each time I resorted to using alternative methods I had been taught.
Recently, I was informed that I was harboring a large 6cm mass in my side near the original tumor site. After chemotherapy failed to make an impact on the tumor, I sought additional alternative treatment. I began treatment with Vickie McCadden (Bledsoe) in October of 2002.
Using a combination of massage, reflexology, and energy reconciliation, Vickie is able to move blocked energy through my body. When I originally came to Vickie, I had not much hope of long -term survival. She had been able to give me hope for life and with her skills she has been able to alleviate discomfort in both my mind and body.
Having taught at the High School level for 10 years, I can say without hesitation that Vickie is an excellent teacher. She is gentle during her sessions with clients and explains her actions and their results  thoroughly. Above all, she is eternally patient. I never cease to be amazed at the results she is able to effect.
Vickie has thoughtfully prepared for the occupation she has chosen. She had drawn on her experiences with LaLache League International, homeopathy study, massage therapy training, and reflexology training to excel at her vocation. I am pleased to have found such a competent practitioner who has and will continue to help so many to heal and also teach others to do healing work."

To Whom Concerned;
My name is Gloria Quraan, I have been a Licensed Nurse for thirty years and have worked in all areas of nursing. My primary focus has been the hospital setting where I worked as a float nurse through various agencies. I worked all units of the hospital, Med-Surg, Orthopedics, Obstetrics, Labor and Delivery, Pediatrics, Intensive Care, Open Heart and Progressive Care units. I have also worked in Hospice, various home settings, and Long-Term Care. I taught a vocational level nursing program in Dallas, Texas when my teaching was praised by the Department of Education from Washington, DC when the program was being examined for federal funding.

I met Vickie McCadden (Bledsoe)about five years ago when I was searching to expand my career and explore my options in holistic and alternative medicine. Vickie soon became a good friend and I found her to be a wealth of knowledge aiding me in my search for as we discussed the many varied areas of alternative healthcare.
I became a client of Vickie's and as her client she began to teach me the importance of all the many aspects and benefits of the art of Therapuetic Body Work. Through Vickie I met and networked with a variety of practitioners in Bloomington , Indiana which also broadened my interests in Therapuetic Healthcare. Vickie began to share with me her personal writings and developments in the art of Energy Work and how she loves to write and teach workshops sharing her new discoveries and developments with other practitioners and the public.

Vickie's body work is very unique and far exceeds the title of Massage Therapist, she has an innate quality of being able to blend many techniques and customize very specialized treatments for her clients, derived from her incredible wealth of knowledge and background to the point that I have to consider her as an artist in her field. She has an intuitive sixth sense for searching out her client's problems, using her vast qualities  and techniques so that all her client's can move toward a state of better health and wellness.
Best of Health to Everyone......Blessings!
Gloria Quraan; February 10, 2009

Dear Vickie,
I want to let you know that you taught me two things that are proving extremely helpful for my spiritual development: to "tune in" to that special place in my brain; and to write constantly about my process of development. I've been following your advice and making great strides. I appreciate very much that you shared your wisdom with me.
Love, Light and Peace, David
The Rev. David Lasocki, PhD.
The Healing Essence
January 26, 2004

On Tuesday, November 20th, 2007 I was in tremendous lower back pain due to an ongoing problem I've had since July 2006. I was desperate for help.

I was able to get an appointment with my chiropractor but knew that I also needed some healing hands to work on me. With a few phone calls and recommendations, I called Vickie. She was able to see me that afternoon. Upon entering her home, I was greeted with a warm smile and a friendly hug.
I described my back pain and mentioned that I had had some massages in the past that were "deep tissue", and were extremely painful. Thinking that was necessary to relieve my tightened muscles, I endured the pain. Vickie's approach was surprisingly different. She told me that she would work through layers to reach the pain and use energy work as well. It was completely different and pleasing experience.

I can't say that I jumped off the massage table ready to run out the door, but I felt much better the next day, and by Thursday (Thanksgiving Day), I was able to serve my family a nice dinner---that could not have been possible on Tuesday!

I am very grateful to Vickie and her massage technique. I do strongly believe that it made all the difference for me.
J. Ackerman
Bloomington, In.
November 29th, 2007

I appreciate Vickie. She has a heart for honesty, for truth, and for helping people - skillfully. Her "hands - on", full body massages I believe to be helpful with healing benefits. I've found her "Alchemie Botanicals" products to be healing and soothing.
I'm finding,that my regular appointments with her to be a good accountablity factor. What she stands for reminds me to drink more pure water, to eat healthier(including herbs), to read more, to exercise---to live healthily and happily and to doing those things that I need to in order to take better care of my body and my life.
I believe in Vickie and have confidence in what she is doing/can do/will do.
Vickie is a positive influence in my life and others lives.
Bloomington, In. Feb. 2009  

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