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Alchemie Botanicals
Purveyors of Fine Herbal Products....hand made in Bloomington, Indiana.
Victoria Bledsoe is the creator of Alchemie Botanicals, she made her first bar of herb soap in 1994 using herbs from her organic herb garden. Continuing in her studies of herbs and their effects....she slowly developed  and grew the product line. Alchemie Botanicals are not heavily laden with artificial ingredients...using carefully selected ingredients . Using the finest essential oils, herbs, roots, & flowers available ensures the highest quality product. Believing that subtleness is more appealing to our senses and that less is more is what sets us apart from the others. From time to time, you may notice the coloring may be different from the last time you purcahsed from us. No worries, the same loving care and organic plants have been used. Only Mother Nature provides the hues of color that present themselves in these fine products. Steeping herbs & oils so that they meld together and create the colors and scents that once you smell them, it is utterly delicious!

There are 19 different bars of Herbal Hand Milled Soaps to select from:

 Bars Soap is $8.00 (4 0unces)

Rose Water Myst $36.00 (8 ounces)

Indiana Clover Honey $10.00 (4 ounces)

Herb & Honey Salve is $10.00 (2 ounces)

Cough, Cold , & Flu Syrup is $12.00 (4 ounces)

2 ounce Herbal Tinctures are  $15.00 (unless otherwise noted)

Ultimate Echinacea
Red Clover
Cough, Cold & Flu Blend
Marshmallow Root
Black Cohosh
Ginger Root
Holy Basil
Yellow Dock
Golden Seal ( $24 )

Please call for availbility until all are listed.


Check back often to see whats new.

            As with all products...if rash or irritation develops, discontinue use.

For information, to purchase products, or to schedule
an appointment with Victoria, please call

(812) 361.7705

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