Victoria Bledsoe...Holistic Health and Wellness
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     "The Manifest body is  Science...
                    the Soul is Spirituality"

                                                                                                                                                                 V. Bledsoe

Victoria blends Massage Therapy, Reflexology, and NueroEnergetics to achieve the goals of her clients. She approaches her work with an open mind and heart..never searching....allowing her clients to heal and gain clarity in their own life.
Tension and pain begin to dissolve as a state of relaxation begins.
Through quiet meditation and relaxation the emergence of the life of the soul will surface as your mission in life becomes exposed to a higher level of thought and activation.
Realization of self and compassion for others instills a silent state of grace into everything we do in life. Personal growth in the Spiritual, Mental, Physical, & Emotional bodies will illuminate the Life of the Soul.

Victoria offers beginning & advanced guidance in the Healing Arts. She will surely succeed in assisting you in Expanding & Deepening your skills and meeting your goals as a professional healthcare provider.


Healing is the Minds way of Connecting with the Heart, it is a two way circuitry that evolves into a four fold multi-dimensional expansion of the heart...culminating to an eight-fold path that holds the keys to the Universe.  
Tapping the unconscious realmes and discovering what is hidden in the thoughts that one can harbor. In the mind are untapped resources that are buried deep in the recesses of the heart. When merged, whole thoughts and missions come together for a more productive world. Working with pure energy will allow inhibitions to rise and surface, allowing what was inhabiting our thoughts to be the process of inner knowing continues to grow, unlocking the keys to step at a time.
The future of Medicine in its purest form has arrived, it is in our hands...putting the past behind us as we move Bridge the Gap between Science and Spirit.

  Victoria Bledsoe
is located inside Fountain Square Mall
101 West Kirkwood Avenue, Suite 219B
in Bloomington , Indiana

Please call 812.361.7705 for more information

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